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05:41pm 07/04/2005
mood: bored
i just got back from jamaica nad here ya go www.davidsphotos.org it was a fucking blast and im gonna go back next year i hope. for reels
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holy shit its me   
05:07pm 17/02/2005
  now that i rememberd my password and suck im back to let one or two of you know how i am doin. im on my way to jamiaca april 1st. chris and jolene are getting married on the beach in negril and thats awesome. i am now the proud owner of a 60 gig color photo i pod. i spent way to much. so many new tattoos. just got hooked up yesterday as a matter of fact. my whole left arm is startin to be solid red and black for background. and ive been hurt for a few weeks now as well. two fridays ago i slipped on ice and bruised the shit out of my back. my whole lower back is still black, blue, red and yellow. it hurt like a son of a bitch to. go to this page to see random pics of my life
www.dstrong1.photosite.com sorry im not htmling because im hopped up on pain medicine at this point. anyway i hope to hear from all two of you. cheers and all this.
happy new year kids   
03:34pm 04/01/2005
  so i went to a party at chrises house where it was mass fun and mass booze. the grogsman even showed up, but the girl ive been tryin to talk to didnt. oh well. peep the pictures at this address then www.dstrong1.photosite.com theres more at my friends site www.jcarloni.photosite.com for reels it was mass loads of fun. sorry i didnt make it so you could click on it but i dont know how to do that and i dont wanna learn how. cheers and all this.  
02:11am 04/12/2004
  hey, my two friends, chris and jolene are havin a party up in grafton tomorrow night. come on up if ya can. cheers. you all have my number. cheese it.  
10:24pm 23/11/2004
  so i looked at my yearbooks and it turns out that the mark roidt feller was in my grade all along. but his picture in every yearbook is the same, and he was two years older than me. and then graduation year he was not in the book. so beets me.  
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oh, its done.   
04:52pm 15/11/2004
  title or description i dun got some filler on saturday. eventualy it will all fade together and look cooler. some wind bars. yeah.  
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new tattoo   
07:29pm 12/11/2004
  title or description  
oh man   
05:36pm 03/11/2004
  OH MAN!!! what a good day it is today. this morning the sun was out. and after all the movies, slashed tires, moveon.orgs, vote or dies, celebrities, singers, books, songs, bias media, A.C.T, 527's, michael moors, exit polls, and all the other crap that liberals do it didnt even help. oh happy day. and thats all i have to say about it. cheers  
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me new truck   
07:24pm 21/10/2004
  title or description  
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new cars   
08:52pm 14/10/2004
  so i was gonna buy a lincoln ls but i bought a 2004 gmc canyon instead. its a truck, so i can use it for work and such. i never bought a new car before so i was a little scared at first but i managed. and now i have a car thats not purple or a 95 metro. i just hope i can afford it. that shouldnt be a problem. i put down more than half of the total already so me payments are only 220 a month. but i had to get full insurance. thats alot more than the 40 i was paying a month. and with 725 for rent and all my other bills i hope it works out. i think it will. new cars rule.  
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07:48am 28/09/2004

this weekend the car will all be one color. but can a guy get primer thats the same grey as the stuf i used to begin with, i guess not. i painted my rims, looks sweet.
yeah ok then   
09:09pm 27/09/2004
  well. not much new. just tryin like hell to get my car ready for the hunert car pile up in il. but i dont think its gonna be ready in time. still have to paint it and wire the whole car. work is starting to get to me because my boss is a nazi and everytime he says racist things and shitlike that i just realize more and more how white trash and stupid he sounds. hes not a verry good representation of conservatives. and hes so annoying, keeps asking stupid questions and acting like a fucking kid. i need some tome away from that guy. but im not gonna get any because i work with him everyday. so i found out that my ex fiance is seeing this loser drug dealer that she was friends with when we were together. the same dude i gave a car to, to try and help him out. and hes my cousins ex boyfriend. i know she can do better than that. but none of my business i guess.i just hope she doesnt get in to trouble bein with this feller. im tires as dogs because i went to a party on a sunday night. who the fuck has a party on a seunday night. well ill tell ya, hippies thats who. i guess they had to have it on a sunday because the fella whose house it was at is jewish and there was a holiday on saturday.so i got home late and kinda drunk. and hung over at work and super tired now. im so bored with where i live. what with the loud upstairs neighbors and just being bored. i have no reason to come home from work but to feed the cat. so normaly id work more but, like i said earlier, my boss is annoying. or id go work on my car after work but its to damn far away. i guess im just lonely over here. oh well. ill live.

so my chest is feeling better after fat fuck bear hugged me and almost broke a rib. anyway im tired. cheers
10:47pm 17/09/2004
  some pics of my new crib yo.
title or description dont make fun of the size of my tv.

title or description i now have a fireplace, with remote.
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10:40pm 17/09/2004
  here is some pics of recent things we have been building at work. all in a japanese style. title or descriptionjapanese fence panels. we made all the posts and such

title or descriptionantique japanese door. we made the huge frame around the door. looks old.

title or description the shinto gate. this one is in the making. its gonna have sides and two gates in the middle. the roof will be curved up, like alot of japanese roof structures. this is about ten feet tall.
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weekend stuffs and stuff   
09:04pm 06/09/2004
mood: crappy
oh man. i havent been on here much because im a busy man all of the sudden, or am i just lazy? well im back to regular work after completing the job finnishing my moms bacement. turned out real nice like to. back to making japanese gates and fences. oh fun. this weekend i went to visit my dad and step mom in appleton. my dad and i shot mass guns on saturday at the range by his house. that was tons of fun. then i ended buying his M1 grand of of him. if you dont know what that is then ill tell you. it the same gun used in world war two. youve seent he gun used in saving private ryan. then sunday we cleaned guns for about half of the day and took my dads 55 ford out for a ride to fleet farm where dickies pants were on sale. i got 3 pair. then while we were waiting for dinner to get done my dad and i played some chess. we heard a loud crash outside and saw a car driving away after it hit my dads car and pushed my dads car into mine. we ran after him for awhile and then. he came back down the street and went to his house where we found him. the cops came and had to go into the houst to get him out. he didnt speak any english and had no licens and it wasnt his car. no insurance either. so he got in mad trouble and he was drunk. my car is fine just a few scratches on my bumper. my dads car, however, got hit pretty hard and is fucked. theres more to the story but im tired of typing. so after that i said i have to get back to the southside of milwaukee where im safe. im tired now. cheers
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06:31pm 21/08/2004
  i moved and it only cost 350 bones. good stuff. i got the rest of my stuff today with some help from tim and his suv. my new place is smaller but taller. come see it if ya finna. cheese  
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more tattoos   
08:27pm 12/08/2004
  tattoos tomorrow at 8. time to get a dagger.  
we made something   
06:03pm 08/08/2004
  this is the bike we made last week. were gonna make some more so that we each have on to ride of our very own. now we need to find old bikes. this one was an old banana seated lady avenger. good times

chris on the bike


me on the bike
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10:34pm 02/08/2004
  new tat

cool new tattoo.
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punk and disorderly   
07:39pm 29/07/2004
  im wining im kickin ass
im losing im losin bad
still friends homies
murph and then there was murph